Trekking tour


Mae Yao Hilltribe Guide provides tourists with a safe environment to understand the hillside tribe culture in a way that helps support the local communities. Tours can be catered to your length of stay and interests. Please see our list of itineries to get an understanding of possibilities. Tours can be combined with volunteering if you have more time


elephant chiang raiTreks provide you with an intimate connection with the beautiful nature and also gives you an opportunity to enjoy some of the more remote hillside tribes and understand the differences between local tribes. Elephant rides are also available to allow you to see more space at the nearby local Elephant Park that is run by local Karin Villages.

Homestayhillside tribe mae yao

Through Homestays, you will be given the opportunity to be given a change to live, interact and exchange culture will the local hillside tribes. Money for home stays goes directly to the communities, giving support to preserve their culture and way of life.

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