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Learn A Few Words…

We recommend that you learn a few words of the language of the Tribe that you will be visiting. This will help your integration in the village, as the residents always appreciate that foreigners try to get to know the language. Here are some of the basic greetings:

Thai Hello = Sawat-dii kha (for women) – Sawat-dii khrap (for men)

Thank You = Khawp khun kha / khrap

What is your name? = Khun cheu arai kha / khrap?

My name is = Di-chan cheu (your name)(for women) – Phom cheu (your name)(for men)

It’s very delicious = Arawy

Akha Hello (I bow my head in greeting) = U du tah ma

Thank You = Gui lah hui mi a de

I have come to a visit = Daw deh g’a la eu ma

What is your name? = Naw eu tsaw myah a jo eh ku te?

My name is = (Your name) leh ku eu meh

Lahu Hello = Au bo ui dya

Thank you (The blessing is big) = Au bo ui dya

I’ve come for a visit = La ve ca gui

What is your name? = Naw aw meh a hto ma meh ve le?

My name is = (Name) meh ve

It’s very delicious! = Meh ja ve


Lonely Planet has published a Thai Hilltribes Phrasebook than can be purchased at any good library in Thailand.

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