The Hill tribe Community Based of Mae Yao district, the project under the Hill Tribes Development Association a Hill Tribe organization (is a not-for-profit) gathers a wealth of information about the Volunteerism, trekking tours, volunteer programs, Community service attractions and hilltribe life of Nothern Thailand. It provides a link between the Mae-Yao community based tourism and potential tourists interested in Volunteering,Adventure trekking and experiencing the culture of the hilltribes in the beautiful mountains of Chiang Rai.

The Hill Tribe Community Based Tourism is the link to bridge the gap between Volunteers and tourists and villagers. All tours are led by experienced Hill Tribe guides who not only have intimate knowledge of the trails that you will walk on but are treasure troves of information about the history and culture of the people and places in the area. One of the important things we will discuss is the fragile eco-system and the need to preserve it.

The Hill Tribe Community Based Tourism in the Mae Yao Sub-District will provide the hilltribes with much needed Development and community service to aid in the preservation of their culture that might otherwise be diluted by modern influences. Even if you aren’t able to volunteer with us, please consider a tour with us to understand more about the area and help the local community.

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